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Our Story

The Prologue

 The Plum Hanger, former Trend In Comfort, was launched in January 2018 by owner Ashley Jane Snear. She opened The Plum Hanger with the goal to provide a fashion that would appeal to all ages, enhance the wearers individuality and at the same time create a sense of well-being in that individual, and of course make it fun!

The Plum Hanger proudly provides a tasteful variety of high quality women’s, women’s plus, children, and men clothing. We find and make gorgeous pieces that will fit into everyone's daily life. Our clothing will give you the look and feel of casual, chic, classy, comfort, and all put together at the same time.

About The Owner


I am Ashley Jane!

I live in Coleman, Michigan, with my husband, son, three fur babies (Jake, Luna and Zeus), and my step daughter on the weekends. I tend to use my middle name on everything I can, I don't have reason for it, I just do! However, when asked in person what my name is it will be simply Ashley, haha. Here are eight other things you should know about me: 

1. I love pineapple. 
2. I only can tell my left from right when I am wearing jewelry. 
3. I hate taking selfies, I would much prefer a picture with my kids, dogs, or husband. I am groupie!
4. My preferred clothing types are dresses and/or leggings. They make me feel comfortable, not only physical but mental. 
5. I don't like coffee, I would much prefer a nice, hot tea. 
6. The only odd number I like is 13. 
7. I love to travel. One of my favorite trips was to Puerto Rico with my Spanish class in high school, it was amazing and beautiful!
8. I am a stay at home mom, and I love it! Even though they all drive me a bit insane at times... haha.